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Those who know me well know that I’ve been involved in music my entire life starting in childhood. When I was in 8th grade I became “hooked on music for life” after performing the singing role of Eliza Doolittle in the Broadway musical version of Lerner and Loewe’s My Fair Lady. Throughout high school and college I continued to act and sing in musical theater productions, although my degree and career were that of graphic design in the field of advertising.

In my twenties I performed back-up and lead vocals in a rock band  called The Haigs for many years in the Washington DC metro area. I was married several years working as a successful designer by this time, and then along came our children. Bruce and I welcomed twin girls followed by our boy/girl set of twins five years later. Seven years later the wonderful chaos of twin boys arrived. While raising our children, I put professional music on hold, but operated a freelance graphic design business from my home office. I wrote and published a book in 2010 called TWINS x3. In January 2020,
I updated and re-published my book entitled TWINS x3, 10-Year Anniversary Edition. 


An Audiobook version of TWINS x3 will be out SOON, read and recorded by me.

Since returning to music and performing in 2017, I've written and co-produced an album of original music entitled YOU ALWAYS WERE with composer/arranger/musician Kenny Levine which we launched it in December 2018.
Our 2nd completed album entitled FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS  released in November 2020. We're now working on our 3rd album of original music, and all of our music is available through all major music streaming sites under the search: Fran Pitre.

I've performed several times with friend and fellow singer Frank Shiner on New York City stages such as The Cutting Room and The Iridium (on Broadway), and performed with local Jacksonville bands. In July 2018, I produced and performed in the Jacksonville Florida production of Frank Shiner's show.
In 2019, I began performing in Jacksonville, FL with my own band of talented musicians, called Fran Pitre and CLASS ACT and we've caught on fire! 


Please come see us when you're in the Jacksonville, FL area.


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I wrote and published
this book in 2010.
10 Year Anniversary
is out NOW!

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