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2021 album


Music by Kenny Levine
Lyrics and Lead Vocals by Fran Pitre
All tracks (including keyboards) played
& arranged by Kenny Levine1
John J Piantadosi on acoustic guitar2 and electric guitar3
James Hogan on acoustic guitar4 and electric guitar5
Steve Strawley on trumpet6 and flugelhorn7
Scott Johnson on tenor saxophone8, Juan Rollan on tenor saxophone9
DeAndre Lettsome on tenor saxophone10 and alto saxophone11
Judy Steinmeyer on violin12
Fran Pitre, Kenny Levine, Teri Harris Levine13
and Brittany Wescott14 on background vocals

Written by Anthony Newley and Leslie Bricusse
Licensed for use through Harry Fox Agency and
National Music Publishers Association
Fran Pitre rendition arranged by Kenny Levine

Joining Kenny Levine on background vocals are
Kathryn Pitre, Lauren Pitre, Brandon Pitre
Erin Pitre, Sean Pitre & Benjamin Pitre

1  NEVER AGAIN   1  3  8  13  14    4:27

1  2  9      4:57

1  5  6  10    4:57

1  2  3  11   4:43

1  3     3:46

1  4  6  7    4:04

1  2  3    3:53

1  2  3     3:48

9  JUST LIKE THAT   1  3     4:03

1  12     3:47

My sincere thanks to everyone who
participated in the creation of this album
including each tremendously talented
musician and singer.

Hugs to my children for sharing their talents
and enthusiasm, and very special thanks to my husband
Bruce for his incredible, continuous love and support.

And endless gratitude to Kenny for teaming up
with me for another amazing, creative journey.

Much love to all ~


Feeling Good
This AMAZING song was written by English composers Anthony Newley and Leslie Bricusse for the musical “The Roar of the Greasepaint – The Smell of the Crowd” in 1964. Jazz great Nina Simone recorded it in 1965, and it was most recently made popular by Michael Bublé’s rendition in 2005. Kenny Levine and I created this smooth jazz rendition, that I just absolutely had to record!       
Rights license purchased through Harry Fox, 2020.

Nice to Meet You

This song was written to narrate the thoughts of a woman who meets a man and proceeds to feel the spark of connection when they take to the dance floor for the very first time.

This Heart

The pain of betrayal causes pain that no one wants to relive. We want to open our heart again, but we’re so afraid to experience that kind of pain again. If I let you in, can you somehow prove it will be different this time? Can we make it? Should I take the risk?

Just Like That

We get so caught up in our day-to-day, over-busy lives, and we often fail to see what’s happening in the lives of those closest to us. When we’re blindsided by events we never saw coming, remember that if we stay strong together, we’ll make it through. I’m joined in the performance and recording of this song by my six background-singing children!


My Life Between Your Arms
When the music began and I gave you my hand, we didn’t know where it would lead.

We began our dance many years ago, and the dance we began didn’t end. At some

point along the way, we loosened our grip, but we held on, and I wouldn’t have it

any other way.

A little background on the songs


Listeners will naturally interpret and relate to songs in an individual and personal way, however, when I wrote these songs, I had a few thoughts in mind.

Never Again

Haven’t we all, at some point in our relationships, screwed up? Maybe we were thoughtless or inconsiderate. Maybe we didn’t follow through on a promise. Maybe we lied and knew we had to come clean. Maybe we were unfaithful. We caused the pain someone felt. This song reminds each listener that we are human, that we mess up. What’s important is that we own it, we admit it, we confess, we apologize. We ask for forgiveness and promise that it won’t happen again.



Take Me Back
When a relationship is young and exciting, our worlds are centered and focused on each other. Years and distractions shift our focus and we lose what we once had. Is it too late, or can we recapture what we once had? Please, my love, take me back where nothing mattered but us.


Follow Your Dreams

Where did the time go? There was so much you wanted to do … is it too late now? If you want it bad enough, it’s never too late. Go for it. Follow your dreams!

I Am Telling You Now

None of us are promised tomorrow, so we need to tell the ones that we love, that we do.

Choose Love

What a world we live in today. The choice to speak our minds based completely on our own opinions, desires and positions without regarding how we make others feel has gotten way out of hand. There’s been far too much pain. Let’s base our expressions on love and respect for each other, instead.



2018 album

I am very proud to present the following album of original songs that I co-wrote and produced with brilliant musician, composer, and arranger Kenny Levine.

Very special thanks to John J. Piantadosi for his out-standing guitar accompaniment. Thanks to James Hogan for playing guitar on the song “You Always Were”.

Please give us your feedback on this website’s CONTACT page under COMMENTS and/or on my facebook page: FranPitreSings.

Thank you!

A little background on the songs

How Did I Know

My husband and I met when we were teenagers. Over the years of good and bad, we've held on and are stronger than ever after three decades. This song goes out to all couples who started out young and made it last.

You Always Were

I wrote this song as a conversation between myself and the very essence of music when I first felt the pull to get back into singing. I had not sung professionally in over 20 years. I began to accept that resistance was futile, and although I wouldn’t have imagined that my life would be heading in this direction over 3 years ago, I’m so thankful, and I’ve enjoyed every second of this miraculous journey!

Play It Loud

As women, mothers and professionals all at once we have to take any chance we can to relax,

de-stress and recharge. For me, it’s to play it loud!

When I Hold You

A relationship that’s dreamed about and finally comes true. I dedicate this song to six people who are very special to me.

New Yorker At Heart

I’m originally from New York (Albany area) and have spent a lot of time in NYC, especially during the last several years. Although my family and I have lived in many places, my home will always be New York.

You Didn’t Want Me 

This one goes out to anyone who’s ever experienced the pain of rejection. It’s something not easily forgotten, no matter how recently or long ago it happened.

Take Your Time

We all push ourselves to do more and to do it faster. Let’s slow down.

Fran Pitre  singer/lyricist/songwriter
Kenny Levine composer/arranger/musician


Arranged and performed in honor of our great U.S.A.

Fran Pitre.God Bless America


Special thanks to the professional assistance of:

Kay Charleston Photography

Clinton Weinberg

Musician, Teacher and Coach

All music is also available for download and streaming on all major music streaming sites.

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