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fran pitre & class act   LIVE  

Concrete Wall

fran in motion
Official Original Music Videos

Image for TYT video 4 website.jpg

"Take Your Time"
by Fran Pitre and Kenny Levine

Official music videos recorded and produced by
Noeth Films
Jon Noeth Videography, St. Augustine, Florida

Thumbnail 4 YDWM website.jpg

"New Yorker at Heart"
by Fran Pitre and Kenny Levine

"You Didn't Want Me"
by Fran Pitre and Kenny Levine

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Day 1

CLASS ACT on stage

Fran Pitre and CLASS ACT performing via Facebook stream LIVE from STAY TUNED STUDIOS
in Jacksonville FL,


WJ Beaches Video Image 11.3.19.jpg

Fran Pitre and CLASS ACT performing Fran's 
original song "NEVER AGAIN"
Whiskey Jax, Jacksonville Beach, FL  

Fran Pitre and CLASS ACT performing Steely Dan's  "MY OLD SCHOOL"
Whiskey Jax, Jacksonville Beach, FL  

CLASS ACT debut 2 for Website.jpg
CLASS ACT debut Mudville 1 for Website.j

Fran Pitre and CLASS ACT was invited to perform for
Ray Lewis Presents at Mudville Music Room
Jacksonville, FL
The Players: (l-r) Sammy Buonocore Sr., on drums and vocals, Bob Dallavia on bass, Fran Pitre on vocals, Johnny Piantadosi on lead guitar and vocals, and Will Hurley on keyboard and vocals.

Above Left: sample of select cover songs
Above Right: part of Fran's original song "TAKE YOUR TIME"

Day 3


This was a really fun interview with Buzz TV host Sherrie Clark on her show "Ignite Success"!

Thank you for having me on your show, Sherrie!

More cool stuff

Day 2

Fran attended a 2-Day live vocal and performance training event called "Sing With Freedom" (The Singing Zone) on March 23-24, 2019 presented by world renowned singing teacher, musician and voice coach Per Bristow ... the videos below captured moments of that weekend in NYC. Special thanks to Fran's awesome hubby Bruce for taking much of the footage in these videos!


Performing again with Frank Shiner and his All Star Band at the Iridium, Broadway, NYC, September 6, 2018


Concrete Wall

A Night Of Blue Eyed Soul , July 12, 2018

Event produced and performed in Jacksonville, FL with
NYC friend Frank Shiner

Fran performs original song "You Always Were" with collaborating composer Kenny Levine on piano during
A Night Of Blue Eyed Soul, July 12, 2018


You Always Were Video art.jpg
square ghosted US flag with video arrow.

In Honor of our beautiful USA

"God Bless America"

Sung by Fran Pitre

Music arranged and performed by Kenny Levine

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